Modern Cruelty to Kids in the West

I’m filing this up under Modern Cruelty. Seriously, no other words can I use but that. Read the full article here:

Coupled this with Pastor Albert Martin’s Talk on Enoch #2 ( – which I highly recommend, this is seriously a matter to be considered by parents all over.

At nine, Bethany doesn’t ‘feel right’ without fake tan. 11-year-old Belle waxes her legs. Karolina, 10, won’t leave home without scent. Harmless fun? Or proof of the insidious sexualisation of our children?:

Bethany Conheeny takes two hours to get ready each morning. A detailed inspection of her morning routine gives some indication why.

After washing her naturally wavy hair, she spritzes, sprays and straightens it with £120 designer ceramic straighteners.

What a crazy world we’re living in now. *shrug*


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