Of Weddings & Kuantan

Congrats FKK & SY 🙂

It was nice to catch up with my old friends… ML had to go through the whole testosterone filled meeting by herself 😛

Here’s a shoutout to LTC, WWM, TCW, AFD & AS. And on the trip back, there was SJD 🙂

Thank you Al Martin for the stirrings for the Lord’s Day. Good lessons.


Had a lot to think about. Still am going through some of them. A lot of them concerns changes. Spiritual challenges and a 6 year review of what has happened since.

Conversations during the weekend, by itself was good enough a reason for the 7-8 hours drive.


We missed church service, as usual, when we were back in Kuantan. But it was comforting to know that the work of the church still continues in spite of geographical differences.

The one we attended while in Kuantan, we were displeased with: Not many of you should become teachers, my brothers, for you know that we who teach will be judged with greater strictness. (Jam 3:1) The ‘Open Service’ concept certainly is numbing the submissive attitude that should mark the people of God. It was unedifying plus confusing to believers (what more non-believers). What more, the ‘teachers’ become puff up, and where then is the need to depend on the shepherd? That form of church constantly excuses its behaviour by appealing that their oversight is The Great Shepherd, but are blinded by the biblical mandate, history of the Shepherd giving out shepherds for His flock. We’re thinking of changing our Kuantan service venue.


As we mature, we struggle yet with more deeper doctrines. Some are more elusive than the doctrines of Grace. I have met with some. Am taking my time to study them and to understand the spiritual implications. God give us more grace than we already have been given!


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