Enya – Watermark

I forgot how beautiful this song was and how as a secondary school boy I was quite enthralled by its ethereal sounding music. What did the article mention? A wall of music wrapped around the listener. Very aptly described, as I recall at the time.

I’m glad to have the album with me. It really does give me a nice sense of nostalgia. I’m always happy with my childhood and have no regrets (much) on how I was raised up (including the not-so-good times).

The album (Watermark) was my only Enya album that I enjoyed ALL the songs. The second being “The Celts”. As I recall, it evoked all sorts of feelings of creativity in me. It challenged me to re-look at the piano in a different light and to take note of the phrases and the mixture of notes on a piece of classical music. Unfortunately, it did not push me into experimenting with music improvisation (X-Japan did that for me). But I can remember the sheer awe of hearing music that was seriously pleasant to the ears.

I guess I liked Enya for the fact that I found many similar traits in her. Quiet, contemplative, mysterious (as in low profile) and passionate.

Here’s to:

  • Watermark
  • On Your Shore
  • Storms in Africa 1 & 2
  • Miss Clare Remembers (beautiful & yet simple piano piece, my first song that I copied to memory)

More updates coming up 🙂


2 thoughts on “Enya – Watermark

  1. You, my friend must be the last Malaysian X-Japan fan standing. But yes, your work on the piano has been pretty good at times…. i just didn’t know it had it’s roots in those ghostly kamikaze hairdo’ed guys. :p

  2. Am I? No lar… I have some friends who are still fans of the nippon guys. ahahahaha… eh… the updated version of those guys (minus 1) is not bad. More modern… more feminine (as ML would put it).

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