Art – Sketching

It was a fun session that had nothing to do with my usual work. Basically, I was given an hour to cobble up a workshop to do with art. I chose to teach the students ‘how to sketch figures’. It started late – Malaysian timing as usual, and there were only 6 of them (not including ML – my wife). 10 minutes later it was already packed. Another 5 minutes later, more chairs had to be brought in.

It was fun. I have never taught a group of people something that has been quite natural for me. This might not be fair to say, considering that I had taken art classes before, but my drawing skills were never taught to me… only painting was taught (and still is). Over the years I have compiled a few nuggets of information on the process and I had to condense the whole thing into 30 minutes (to allow actual exercises for the remaining time).

Looking back, I think I agree with my old observation that art cannot be truly taught by explanations (lecture). It must be through something personal. The whole reason for art is to convey something personal of the sender (creator). I found the rest of the time much more effective than the first. I like to work in smaller groups. Anyway, I thought the students enjoyed themselves. I guess…

What did I teach? Form. Form must come first before the detail (at least for the beginners and amateurs – like me). It is hard to ensure that the form is correct when you start from a ‘detail’ approach.

I’ll post some of the art that I have been doing up soon. 🙂


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