Yep… I took the weekend and Monday to go back to my hometown in Kuantan. It was a restful time. Really restful and refreshing. Eat, sleep, jalan-jalan. But that’s all put into the backburner now. Work is looming as usual.

But found family worship last night to be extraordinarily powerful. It came from two chapters from the book of Zechariah; 7 and 8. God really does speak to His people in ways and measures that are relevant and truly powerful, although the rest despise and scoff at this.

I’ll blog more on this (it really struck a chord in me) later, when I have the time.

I know a few people who are having a really crappy time at the moment, and it has all to the with the family unit. Thank God for the family unit. Yes, with all the disappointments, anger, misunderstandings and all. It really brings us down to earth and to the realities of this world.

Ok… gotta go. For now.


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