Stott on John

You have to admit that his recent works are really a shadow of his older ones. Anyway, I have been greatly edified by his commentary on the epistles of John. Who am I referring to? John R. W. Stott. Anglican man through and through.

I found the following compelling:

The true light is Jesus Christ, with whom light came ‘into the world’. He is true not in the sense in which a statement is true as opposed to false, but in the sense in which the real differs from the unreal, the substance from the shadow and the prototype from the type. The adjective is a favourite of John’s. Christ is the true, or real, light, of which physical light is but a reflection, just as He is the true bread and the true vine. The true idea of light, vine, bread, etc. is the heavenly reality; the earthly material things which we call ‘light’, ‘vine’, ‘bread’ are copies of the true. So the new commandments remains new because it belongs to the new age which has been ushered in by the shining of the true light.  

Extracted from Epistles of John,
An Introduction and Commentary by John R.W. Stott

1969, Tyndale Press, pg. 94

Worth taking a look at. Mind you, he gets a bit technical in analysing Koiné Greek (which is very insightful).


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