A Look Back: @ Captain Power

Maybe my sickness is causing me to regress… hah… maybe. Anyway, I am currently downloading old episodes of a forgotten franchise called Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future. I remember watching the series when I was young (in primary schooling). My friends and I were crazy over the series, since there were plenty of gun fights and cool sci-fi tech! The one character that everyone seemed to gain gleeful pleasure was Blastaar… the machine with the ability to fire tons of laser from it’s hands. Grin.

Therefore it was kind of a surprise to find out (after all these years) that J. Michael Straczynski (JMS), the creator of Babylon 5 (one of the best TV series I have ever watched!!!), was one of the writers! As I recall, the series was quite ‘mature’ for its time. There were much betrayal and much vengence submerged within the series. You just get a sense of hopelessness too, as the dangers and peril of being a human being was fleshed out more and more as the series progressed.

The saddest part was the final episode, where one of the soldiers (Pilot), sacrificed herself at the very last, when everything was going down the drain for the Resistance. What made it even more interesting (after 20 years!) is the further revelation that JMS based that ending on a personal experience.

I’ve never talked about this before — said I was in a thoughtful mood — but I’ve known several people, friends, who’ve taken their own lives. In one case, I spoke to her just beforehand. Tried, through the phone lines, to reach her one more time, pull her back from the edge. I couldn’t. Years pass. Time comes for me to write the last filmed episode of Power.

Jennifer Chase is going to die, partly of her injuries, partly of her own volition. Part of my life went into that scene, in the way it was constructed, and what was said. And what was not said, what never had the chance to be said, and thus still burns. I knew that, at the crucial moment of that scene, he couldn’t be near her, as I wasn’t near my friend…it had to be long-distance,hearing but not seeing her, and the terrible pain of arriving too late.I cannot watch that episode without crying. Ever. http://www.tv.com/captain-power-and-the-soldiers-of-the-future/retribution-2/episode/35051/summary.html

For those who really don’t know anything about this excellent series, a basic summary follows: The storyline was set on Earth in the 22nd century following the Metal Wars, a cybernetic revolt that had resulted in the subjugation of humanity by intelligent machines. Captain Jonathan Power and a small group of guerrilla fighters battle the machine forces that dominate a future Earth.

Ah…. nostalgia. I miss my childhood sometimes. The days of endless fun role-playing. Watch out for Blastaar! 🙂

Edit: Go check out http://www.captainpower.com for more stuff!


3 thoughts on “A Look Back: @ Captain Power

  1. Ish…. Captain Planet is the most gay (weird) hero I have ever seen…. whenever someone wanted to play the game based on the cartoon, I just cringe and just skip the whole recess game… at times I would just plead with them to play “galah panjang” instead 😛

  2. =..=” INSULTING ME… *I used to watch that show with bro and sing the song together when they “combine power”* Earth, fire, wind, water and heart, let your power combine and sth sth sth captain planet… Hahahahahahah…. HAhahahaah…. Bluek…. Don’t like u la~

    Ask Lucky bite u….

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