Image-Bearers: Where Did It Go Wrong?

I have no idea why, but I think it is about time the tone becomes more serious… in a place where so many purported Christians are housed, the level of Christ-bearing is exceptionally low. From this week’s CF newsletter:

Dear friends,
We are image-bearers, whether we like it; of our family, our society, our education institutions, our company… our Creator. Therefore, even in dealing with assignments and examinations, there is a very real reality of Christ exaltation which students often just ignore. Ignorance is NOT bliss in this context. It is sinfulness.

( 1Co 10:31 …whatever you do, do all to the glory of God )

How does Christ want you to face your examinations and to glorify Him? What is the USE of worshipping Him on Sunday, but just throwing Him away for the other 6 days, especially in things where it counts, where others see you as an image-bearer? So much for the glory of God in your exams?

Join us and let’s listen from what God has to say on this at room 3-1 or 3-2 at 1.30pm tomorrow, Friday, 18th May 2007 for the answers. Questions are most welcomed.

Soli Deo Gloria.

(end quote)

ML was mentioning that this generation of professing Christian youths are really quite different from the previous one. We thought we were bad enough already! Hahaha… but this is in tandem with the signs of the age as was expounded by Christ in His ministry on earth.

Soli Deo Gloria indeed.


One thought on “Image-Bearers: Where Did It Go Wrong?

  1. It’s uncommon to see in present times professing Christian youths who are consistently spiritual minded or maturing spiritually. We might be tempted to say that they have things too easy but that will make us no better than our parents, grandparents and our forefathers who say similar things of the next generation. The observation is that there is a high level of external attractions, distractions and conveniences (the list is endless) in the present world. Life has become mind numbing in the search for the next best thing/fad/lifestyle to get a kick from (or deemed as the pursuit of happiness). Let us beware that these are weapons of Satan to lure us away from the pursuit of God; His kingdom and His righteousness through the Lord Jesus Christ.

    The brain has to filter so many information received (sight, sound, smell and touch). But what if the brain, in the process, blocks out what is truly important, nay, the essence of life, which is God’s Word? What if the brain has become numbed and dulled to the extent that it cannot receive God’s truths adequately and thus make our faith nominal? Of course we cannot only have an intellectual or head knowledge of God to be saved. Our salvation is based on the Spirit doing a transformation in our heart so that we hate our sins and know that we can do nothing but turn to God for mercy and trust that only Jesus Christ can wipe out our sins and make us righteous before God, if we come to Him with repentance and humility. But that can only happen only through the hearing, reading, knowing and understanding of God’s Word. Do we want the things of this world to crowd our thoughts until we think of or turn to God only ‘when we feel like it’ or when we are in difficulty? No, we would not do it to our loved ones, what more should we do that to our God!

    However, like it or not, we know the world will not become a better place to live in as time goes by (as hoped by Michael Jackson :P) since sinfulness will increase over time (as expounded by Jesus Christ of the end of age). We who are older need to be careful and examine ourselves for we too are capable of falling and sinning like the younger ones.

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