On Evangelism (2)

The sad state of evangelism out of the church reflects the type of urgency that Christians have within them. It always is a challenge for us (Christians) to query ourselves; if it is the most important message, why are we not sharing the faith more? It is against the very nature of the Spirit to keep the message of salvation to oneself… selfishness is not part of the Spirit’s work.

l        John the apostle clearly states that, a witness does not merely watch and do nothing. What they bore witness to was so important and so powerful, concerning the salvation and purpose of life, that it was necessary for them to proclaim it to others. Why was it necessary? This is because it concerns the eternal life and everlasting salvation that is given by God to His people. God came to save sinners and to show the way unto salvation. If this is the most important thing for mankind, it must be made known.  

l        I am reminded of the scene of September 11 in 2001. Many people were glued to their TV sets the whole 2 days. All channels were showing the same pictures of airplanes crashing into 2 towers that many of us have never seen in real life before nor know its significance. Why was it televised on all channels? Why the astounding uniformity? It was because ‘here was evidence that even a country as big, mighty and developed as America, was able to be in danger’. We were all saddened by the events and stricken by the insecurity that it caused us to feel within us.  

l        If that is the reason for broadcasting throughout the known world that single event, what more is the news about death which all of us are exposed to? And news concerning our life that we are given to experience first hand? Should we not take note of news that concern our very being of what happened, what IS happening and what WILL happen to us in this life? We are such sad creatures who are prone to contradict ourselves.  

l        The apostles knew that this was no ordinary news… this was life changing news that would affect every single life on this planet and for the lives that were to come. This was important. This has to be proclaimed. And that is why, even though persecution was threatened unto them, they continued on proclaiming the message concerning eternal life. Even though they were mocked, brutally whipped and hit, chained and put into prison, even though they were stoned and cut into two and killed with the sword, they continued preaching this message. (Hebrews 11:36-37)I found that there is much that the present generation (at least where I am) should be ashamed of. We are far, far away from the spirit which our spiritual forefathers exuded. That has to be worrying for true Christians.

But the fear is always that we are constantly quick to turn to the other extreme; we use ungodly methods to evangelise, using motives that are wrong to further our own desires. Case in point; Many are making the case for friendships as a ‘pull’ for ‘pressuring’ non-believers to convert. If only the prophets were to do such things!!! You can imagine how the Old Testaments would turn out to be.

Some are harboring secret desire that the non-believer would one day become their prospective husbands and wives… thereby intensifying their efforts on their non-believer ‘friends’, not knowing that they are just trying to legitimise their closeness to darkness. Others are just too afraid of losing friendships over a matter that is more important that their earthly friendships. I’m not saying that it is wrong to have non-believing friends… of course not! But are we ever going to bring up the topic? To try to put the message before them to consider and to suffer ridicule for the awkwardness? Do we even pray for opportunities?

We are far away from the Puritans, those mighty giants of the faith. And that just saddens me.

I’m reminded of Keith Green’s song… ‘Asleep in the light’… it contains the following verse:

Gods calling and you’re the one
But like jonah you run
He’s told you to speak
But you keep holding it in
Of can’t you see its such a sin

The world is sleeping in the dark
That the church just can’t fight
cause its asleep in the light
How can you be so dead
When you’ve been so well fed
Jesus rose from the grave
And you, you can’t even get out of bed

Arise O Christian… know the truth… and feed on the Truth.

Do the Work. Lord help us sinners!


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