Harry Trouble

This particular news item here, made me think:

What is the government’s stand on this? What is their motivation in sending Harry into the front line? I have a few theories, and all of them casts a positive light on the government and what they hope Harry would do to the current administration’s image. You have to admit, there is a very interesting and respectable element on hearing that a royal heir of the British monarchy is willing to RISK his life for the country. This definitely will clear away all the negativity of the endless scandals that have permeated the royal family for the past few decades.

He will serve with his regiment, the Blues and Royals, for a six-month tour of duty. He is trained as a troop leader to take command of four Scimitar armoured reconnaissance vehicles and will be deployed in Iraq alongside 11 men who will serve under him.

However, despite the deteriorating situation, Prince Harry will not receive extra security in Iraq. ‘He’s surrounded by a lot of heavily-armed men,’ said a Whitehall source yesterday.

Politically, this is a very strong move to bolster support from the British commoners. Military, I believe, they are taking extra precautions for Harry… they have too… would be very interesting to see how this develops.


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