Genius MMO Developer

I always find myself learning new things when I visit Radu Privantu’s Eternal Land’s Development Blog. Example:

As I explained in one of my articles, I don’t really like storing the players data in a database. Instead, we use flat files, which, IMHO, are easier to work with and faster.
But a disadvantage of flat files vs. a database is that it is hard to obtain statistic information. For example, checking to see the total quantity of an item in the game using flat files requires opening every single player file, which is slow and inconvenient. Then if you want to determine some other statistic information, you will need to reopen all those files again.

Luckily, our server is designed not to need any such statistics. If some statistics are needed, they are saved in a special file, and loaded whenever they are needed, or just kept in the memory.

But often times it is a good idea to have a quick glance at some stuff that is going on, for example seeing how many gold coins are in the game, and the top 100 players in terms of how many gold coins they have. This is useful for many purposes, including balancing the economy, creating new formulas, adjusting some rates, and even checking to see if there are any item duplication bugs.

As previously mentioned, it is hard to get all this data without a database.
Which is why I worked at actually storing all the stuff I am interested in an
Sqlite DB.

I highly recommend this blog for research purposes, as he really does spill the beans over the things that goes through his mind about MMO. Best of all, he gives the readers links to further their own understanding of a concept or software (often, the latter).



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