Stuart is RIGHT on Referencing

Only for comic book artists, ok? This is not about academic research in any ways… so don’t get yourself too happy!

Stuart, stuart, stuart… is one of my (if not my current favourite) artist! He really excelled in Superman: Secret Identity.  But this article, really is a good summary of his own thoughts on the drawing process and the issues that are plaguing comic book artists all around the world.

I guess I really have to check out Google’s Sketch Up soon.

Face it, deadlines are murder, especially when they come around every thirty days or so. The sheer volume is astonishing; even with a lowball mean estimate of four panels per page, the typical monthly superhero comic boasts nearly 90 separate drawings each issue– that’s over a thousand a year! I don’t think there’s another job in the commercial arts field which is similarly demanding. The comic artist’s motto might very well be “by any means necessary.”

It’s no wonder artists condescend to using various tricks in order to try keep up. Some have an arsenal of stock poses and expressions from which to choose; other use assistants to contribute to background drawings; others fill empty space with incoherent linework, or lots of silhouetted figures; still others use that dirtiest of dirty tricks– photo reference.

Recently, drawing the human figure from life has come under heavy fire, and indeed it seems like there have always been macho artists who have dismissed the practice, claiming some superiority through their intimate and intricate knowledge of human and animal anatomy; through their natural ability to “work it out with a pencil.” However, not all of us are so gifted, and when the editor starts to call for more pages, one is often forced to resort to the methods closest at hand.

I guess IF I am able to draw well from a photo reference, I will NOT be in this job that I am in 😛 hahahahaha… yes, the secret profession that I always dreamed off is revealed!


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