Schizophrenic Animals!

Underage prostitutes are made, and not born… and they are made by saddistic minds. Its hard to imagine, yet not too far from the power of our minds, how these things are happening in neighbouring countries, and how most likely these things are also happening in our country too… albeit, at a smaller scale in ours (I assume).

For 30 years now, the chairman has been trafficking girls. He used to be a police sergeant, but says he got kicked off the force for adultery. Twice.

His second wife worked in a brothel. One thing led to another, and soon he was travelling around the countryside, recruiting children.

He is disarmingly open about all this – explaining how he lies to the families, buys the girls, and then forces them into brothels.

No-one is sure about the figures. But it is thought there could be 100,000 Philippine children involved in the local sex trade.

Others are forced into domestic work or mining or sugar plantations, or shipped abroad.

They are victims of a trafficking empire that has become one of the world’s most lucrative criminal industries.

But God is just… such despicable people are brought down firstly in their minds…

I have agreed not to reveal his identity, so he is frank about the crimes he has committed – trafficking girls, bribing police and so on.

But sometimes the chairman in him takes over from the crook.

He suddenly insists he never pays bribes, then describes, with apparent conviction, how he no longer wants to hire under-aged girls.

And how he would like to pay for vocational classes for those working in his brothels – and how perhaps this interview can even help to clean up the industry.

The contradictions make sense.

He is 54 now, with eight children, 17 brothels, a reasonably comfortable lifestyle, and a certain status in his “profession”. It is hardly surprising that his conscience is nagging him.

The full article is available here … read and weep for such a cruel society that is the result of decadency in the moral arena, separated from God’s law and framework; a world of man and man’s own sin holding sway over all things.


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