Asimov: Robotic Thoughts

If man is the creator of Robots, Asimov is the visionary for them. Born in 1919… he grew in fame with his epic Foundation trilogy (then) and later with the short stories that made up the “I, Robot” selections and followed by “Robot Dreams” collections.

In his world, robots are mechanical and capable of some limited independent thoughts. Using his logic, based on the 3 robotic Laws, he put forth the conclusion of a zenith law (zero) that would have to restrict (liberate) the robotic way of thinking in relation to their human masters.

All in all, a very intriguing writer whom I highly admire for his span of grandeur in his writing… he tries to connect every book that he wrote with a singular thought and scope that can be read as a whole and yet be detached. Truly a master of epic writing.

But the other point of admiration is his use of science (true scientific knowledge) to fictionalise his stories. Good stories are truly made with a pinch of truth in them. And the truth needs to be researched well before it will work.

Check out his extensive bibliography at


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