Japan Music


What do you get when you add Yoshiki (X-Japan fame, and currently Violet UK), Sugizo (Luna SEA) and Gackt (Malice Mizer) together in a group?

You get a real kick-butt music band, that’s what you get!!!!  Yes, there can be miracles in the music arena even now! hahaha. I have not much idea on Gackt, only seen him in an interview with Yoshiki, but according to his wiki bio, he is a competitive (aggressive, perfectionist) artist that plays music well. Sugizo is not a stranger to me, what with his over the top performances in the band Luna Sea. But he is a multi-talented musician… known more for his guitars and violin (kid you not!). Yoshiki… what else to say… he is excellent on the piano and drums (better as an arranger and composer though IMO).

Not surprisingly, all of them have a background in piano… haha… what with their parents and the asian mentality that piano playing is an elegant thing to learn. Sigh. But, that’s so like my background, except that I’m only good at piano… and that’s it… although I may have done some (minor) arrangements when I was younger. Ah well… the dreams of another life… has to fade.

Anyway, back to THE news: the three of these Japanese top musicians are coming together to form a new band… initiated by Yoshiki (hopefully there’s no more delays… sigh…)… I wonder whether will they go back to their grass roots of hard rock or symphonic heavy metal?

All they (I) need now is for them to get Tetsuya Komura along for the ride (even if its only for ONE album) and I will be an extremely, extremely happy ex-J-shock fan.


Currently, this girl is occupying my Winamp playlist… and she deserves it too… YUI, is 8 years my junior, but definitely an up and coming artist. Saw her for the first time performing in the Music Station Live event for 2006 (watched it on channel 25 Astro during CNY)… and boy, a small kid sitting on a stool, playing the guitar and singing. Her voice is nice (those Japanese type)… and the melody and arrangement of the musical layers are quite polish… comparable easily to Avril Lavigne.

Besides, she looks real sweet! Hahaha!


If only the guys would recruit her for their new band… as their vocalist… then that would be the dream team for J-music. Or Utada Hikaru. I’m dreaming too much. Haha.

I wonder how many more undetected musicians are there still in the world? How many are close by… and even if you did found one, what would you do with the person? Would you have the equipments and skills (and also determination) to cut up a nice demo CD? Garageband may seem to be a good starting place… but how many can afford to get an Apple Mac computer? The cheapest is already RM2,200+ without a monitor. Sigh.

Anyway, here’s to hope for the music scene. 🙂


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