Hosting Issues

There is certainly a type of attraction in not hosting your own website. For one, as with WordPress, the latest patches and upgrades are uniformly applied to your site as it is released. In other words, there is no need to upgrade and update your version of WordPress manually for your own hosted site. This is really a hassle-free solution. The only (Ok, may not really be the only, but the main) negative reason of using is the limited hard disk space given… only 50MB. That sucks. Really. The other less nagging problem is the domain name itself. But hey, is really not that bad. Besides, you can always grab a Yahoo Priced Domain Name for about RM20 a year (for the first year) and mask your address with that one.

I’m rambling. Anyway, this blog will be a research blog for me. Sorry… but there will not be much of a commentary on my personal life. It’s really more of my own observations on things that are worth noting to myself. I’m going to chronicle it… and post my conclusions (hopefully) to help me in whatever projects I may be involved in. I hope to be doing a couple, especially since I have the excellent help of a few people.

There. That’s done. I can delete the ‘test post’ now. 🙂


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